Trees and Firewood

Part of the reason we decided to move into the tree realm was because the property we live on is made up of a huge patch of woods.  We found out later that most of the trees on our property were far to large for commercial sales but that did not bother us much because everything worked out in the end anyways.

In order to diversify a bit for the winter months we decided to start a firewood sales business that way we could utilize all of the fallen trees that were scattered around the woods on our property.  We really do not plan on getting too extensive with the business, this will just be a bit of supplemental income to help get us through the winter time when tree sales are low.  We would like to keep the woods in place on our land so utilizing the broken trees will help keep things clean and looking nice without totally taking out too many trees.

This winter we probably only sold around 30 cords of wood but that was a nice chunk of change for us and it also kept us busy during the boring winter. We did have to invest in a log-splitter because the manual chopping was taking its toll on my husband.  Using the splitter allows myself to process some of the wood which has made it much easier on him.  After one more season we will probably have that paid for and then will just take our time.

We are happy that winter is almost over but we are also thankful that we were blessed with such a mild one this year.  We have no delusions that next season might be a bit more tough, especially if we get more snow but we will figure things out as we go like we always do.  Have you ever split wood manually with an axe.  If you have any experience or tips please feel free to leave a comment below.

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