New directions in life

The past few years have brought a plethora of changes in a small families life.  We ran into some hardships that made it very tough to survive in the competitive world of horse breeding.  I won’t go into all of the details but just know that we have fought hard to stay afloat and eventually found salvation in another living thing…. Trees!  We had some large trees on our property that we found were actually very valuable when they were full grown which peaked our interest.

After selling off a couple black walnut trees we realized that we might be able to grow more trees and sell them since we have such a great plot of land that has been fertilized by the horses for years.  We started with just a couple dozen trees but have grown to a few hundred over the past 3 years and business is booming.  We are very grateful for life and wanted to keep our site up to offer something back to the community.  We hope to have many articles about how to care for different species of trees and might even make a few posts that are equine in nature.  It has been a wild ride, pardon the pun.

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