Manufacturing rustic hardwood floor boards

With the summer coming up quick we are forced to diversify our assets once again.  Luckily we ran into a wood flooring guy that had a great idea for us to use all of our excess hardwood from our property.  We met a guy name John that sells and installs custom made rustic looking wood floors.  He has been looking for someone local for a while now and we have decided to work with him to create our own brand of hardwood flooring!

The way it works is that we provide the wood and help get it to the factory.  The log is then processed into tongue and groove floor boards.  The final product is a beautiful hand scraped and rustic looking wood floor.  This guy sells to a lot of high end people that want a rustic look for their second home or cabin.  We are fortunate to have many species of hardwood on our property that are a great choice for a floor.  We also have a large number of black walnut trees that commands a real premium in the flooring space.

The way this guy works it is as follows…. each supplier (we are a supplier) provides the wood and in turn for supplying the wood he allows us to create a brand for our floor including the look of the packaging and size of the boards ect.  He then has an exclusive contract with us that he is the only person that can sell our brand.  I know that might sound a bit one sided but this guy has some serious connections and has a great reputation in the floor covering space so we decided that we are comfortable with it.

We actually just received our first shipment from the factory and decided to use it in our foyer as a test to see how it looks. I had a sense of great pride when we opened that first box up.  Some people might say… what’s the big deal?  It’s just a bunch of unfinished wood, but to us it is much more.  This new venture could be life changing for us and we are so freaking grateful to have come across it.

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