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Manufacturing rustic hardwood floor boards

With the summer coming up quick we are forced to diversify our assets once again.  Luckily we ran into a wood flooring guy that had a great idea for us to use all of our excess hardwood from our property.  We met a guy name John that sells and installs custom made rustic looking wood floors.  He has been looking for someone local for a while now and we have decided to work with him to create our own brand of hardwood flooring!

The way it works is that we provide the wood and help get it to the factory.  The log is then processed into tongue and groove floor boards.  The final product is a beautiful hand scraped and rustic looking wood floor.  This guy sells to a lot of high end people that want a rustic look for their second home or cabin.  We are fortunate to have many species of hardwood on our property that are a great choice for a floor.  We also have a large number of black walnut trees that commands a real premium in the flooring space.

The way this guy works it is as follows…. each supplier (we are a supplier) provides the wood and in turn for supplying the wood he allows us to create a brand for our floor including the look of the packaging and size of the boards ect.  He then has an exclusive contract with us that he is the only person that can sell our brand.  I know that might sound a bit one sided but this guy has some serious connections and has a great reputation in the floor covering space so we decided that we are comfortable with it.

We actually just received our first shipment from the factory and decided to use it in our foyer as a test to see how it looks. I had a sense of great pride when we opened that first box up.  Some people might say… what’s the big deal?  It’s just a bunch of unfinished wood, but to us it is much more.  This new venture could be life changing for us and we are so freaking grateful to have come across it.

Basement flooding issues

Big apologies for not posting for a while.  We have been keeping busy especially with the recent winds and rain that have been coming through.  The nice things is that mother nature is doing some of the work for us by knocking down some trees. haha.  Anyways, the reason we have not posted lately is that last week we learned the hard way that you should check your sump pump every now and then to ensure it is working properly.

Last week we went into the basement to grab something and realized that our entire basement was flooded with about 6 inches of water covering the floor. The upsetting part is that we are pretty sure it had been this way for several days but since we do not visit the basement very often we did not notice until a ton of damage was already done.  The basement is partially finished in drywall and we have to rip all of that out after we got the water drained.  Turns out that our sump pump was very old and it quit working at some point in time but since we have not had a lot of rain lately it wasn’t a problem.  Just one bad day of rain and the basement was done for and we are out a pretty decent chunk of change.

Flooded Basement

sump pump probably gonna need replacing.

We had to call an emergency water damage company to help us remove the water and after we got the basement all dried out we also had to call out a plumber to remove and replace our pump.  Neither of these were cheap which has really put us behind.  I guess we will just need to work that much harder on the tree farm now that we are in a warmer season.  We have had set backs many times before and we have come to accept that they are a part of life.  Dwelling on them is not gonna do a bit of good so we keep moving forward until the next hiccup and over time we make progress.  We are a proud family and resilience is the trait that we are most proud of.  We will try to get back to posting soon.  Thank you for your support and understanding during our little break.

Trees and Firewood

Part of the reason we decided to move into the tree realm was because the property we live on is made up of a huge patch of woods.  We found out later that most of the trees on our property were far to large for commercial sales but that did not bother us much because everything worked out in the end anyways.

In order to diversify a bit for the winter months we decided to start a firewood sales business that way we could utilize all of the fallen trees that were scattered around the woods on our property.  We really do not plan on getting too extensive with the business, this will just be a bit of supplemental income to help get us through the winter time when tree sales are low.  We would like to keep the woods in place on our land so utilizing the broken trees will help keep things clean and looking nice without totally taking out too many trees.

This winter we probably only sold around 30 cords of wood but that was a nice chunk of change for us and it also kept us busy during the boring winter. We did have to invest in a log-splitter because the manual chopping was taking its toll on my husband.  Using the splitter allows myself to process some of the wood which has made it much easier on him.  After one more season we will probably have that paid for and then will just take our time.

We are happy that winter is almost over but we are also thankful that we were blessed with such a mild one this year.  We have no delusions that next season might be a bit more tough, especially if we get more snow but we will figure things out as we go like we always do.  Have you ever split wood manually with an axe.  If you have any experience or tips please feel free to leave a comment below.

New directions in life

The past few years have brought a plethora of changes in a small families life.  We ran into some hardships that made it very tough to survive in the competitive world of horse breeding.  I won’t go into all of the details but just know that we have fought hard to stay afloat and eventually found salvation in another living thing…. Trees!  We had some large trees on our property that we found were actually very valuable when they were full grown which peaked our interest.

After selling off a couple black walnut trees we realized that we might be able to grow more trees and sell them since we have such a great plot of land that has been fertilized by the horses for years.  We started with just a couple dozen trees but have grown to a few hundred over the past 3 years and business is booming.  We are very grateful for life and wanted to keep our site up to offer something back to the community.  We hope to have many articles about how to care for different species of trees and might even make a few posts that are equine in nature.  It has been a wild ride, pardon the pun.